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This blog is about the fictional character, Jade del Cameron (, and the historical time period in which she lives.

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Monday, September 04, 2006

An Introduction

Jade del Cameron is an adventurous American and the lead character in a new series of mysteries. The first book, "Mark of the Lion" appeared Jan 2006 and the second, "Stalking Ivory" is due Jan 2007. The third is being composed now.

This blog is about Jade and the historical time period in which she “lives”.

Jade del Cameron is a blend of several real life women. One of them is Zella de Milhau. This unique American woman was an artist, a WWI ambulance driver, and a recipient of a Crois de Guerre awarded by the French for heroism at the front in WWI. Later she helped save a community of American people during a hurricane. I blended her with explorer Osa Johnson and pilot Beryl Markham to become one character whose life is surrounded by mystery and intrigue: Jade del Cameron

Discovering Jade is discovering another life. In researching her life and times, I've become an explorer myself. I’ve discovered old places, learned to fire rifles and shotguns, taken up archery, and studied model T's. Jade wants to be a pilot and I'm looking forward to getting into a biplane and learning with her. I also uncovered a time of romance and adventure, 1918 through the roaring twenties, a time when part of us felt very sophisticated and modern in a very primitive world.

Dangers were surmountable in those days if you had the wit and courage to tackle them. It's a time when old cultures and the modern world first collide and when “larger than life” people made names for themselves. Amelia Earhart was learning to fly, Hemingway trotted around the globe, and Martin and Osa Johnson filmed cannibals. It was a time of the lost generation, disillusioned soldiers returning from the Great War. Prohibition and loose morals slammed their way into American culture.

In future posts, I will explore and share places and people that influence the writing of the novels. Read more about the novels at

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Anonymous CMA said...

Thank you for giving me a better understanding of Jade and women in general during WWI. It helps to know the author's perspective especially the intense research required to write a novel.

Wed Oct 04, 06:19:00 PM CDT  

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