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Monday, February 11, 2008


The walls of the old coastal cities are often built of stone and in different styles than inland cities, generally depending on the people constructing the fortress. And coastal cities often saw a variety of occupations.

For example, Jade spent time investigating Azilah and noted the massive stone walls around the old city. Azilah was originally built by the Carthaginians and may have been occupied by Phoenicians before the Romans took over. But whatever they built was eventually covered over by the Portuguese who took the city in 1471. It was the Portuguese who constructed the stone walls that Jade saw.

The photo below, while not from Azilah, is somewhat representative of the Portuguese cities along Morocco’s Atlantic coast. It is taken at modern Essaouira (esa-wera) farther southeast. The Portuguese had called this city Mogador. The walls and watch tower in the photo illustrate this Portuguese style of fortress.

But Mogador was not finished changing hands. Sultan Sidi Mohammed ben Abdullah rebuilt much of the city’s interior in 1765 (using a French architect) and named it Essaouira. When the French established their protectorate in 1912, they renamed it Mogador. Hence, that’s the name Jade would have used in referring to it. In 1956, with the coming of Morocco’s independence, the city reverted to Essaouira.

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