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Monday, March 24, 2008


Gardens are a part of every oasis and every settlement or village, and Volubilis was no exception. Olives were grown on the hills by the town, and it’s a testimony to the hardiness of these trees that they endured when the city did not. Some of the olive trees can still be seen close by the ruins. (photo) The olive presses still visible in Jade’s time, and didn’t require much excavation to fully expose them.

Perhaps these ancient trees were setting fruit when Jade and her mother visited Volubilis. But just because the city was deserted (saving the French archaeologist), doesn’t mean the trees were abandoned. Across the valley from Volubilis and visible through the ruins, the glistening white, holy city of Moulay Idriss lay nestled against the hillside. (see photo) It’s likely that many of those people took advantage of these trees and collected the ripe or ripening olives for themselves.


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