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Monday, May 26, 2008


I know that last week's blog installment said that I'd be discussing Morocco Souks today, but it's MEMORIAL DAY, the day we remember our honored dead who served their country in time of war. For that reason, I want to take a moment and honor the unremembered women who served in the wars.

If you have followed the Jade del Cameron mysteries, starting with Mark of the Lion, then you know that Jade is a veteran of The Great War, having served as an ambulance driver in the Hackett-Lowther Unit. This unit was covered in one of my first blogs, so I invite you to go back and take a look at it if you haven't already. Many women worked under shell fire as ambulance drivers or as nurses and aid and some died for their pains.

Women have served, often uninvited, in all our wars, and while some officials at the time praised their patriotism, others ridiculed them for behaving in an "unwomanly manner."

There are some good websites to get you started, if you'd like to learn more about women who have served.
Women in the Civil War
WWI Women's Signal Corps
WWII Women's Air Service Pilots

And again, thank you to all those men and women who have served and paid the ultimate price.

Suzanne Arruda
(next week: Souks of Morocco Part 1)

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