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Monday, February 16, 2009


Nairobi, as capital of the colony, did its best to turn the swampy railroad camp of its early years into a civilized city of theaters, hotels, shops, and clubs. Electricity did a lot to advance that civilizing influence and Nairobi residents and businessmen came to expect that the electricity would always be there when needed. But in mid-February of 1920, the lights went out in Nairobi, not once, but many times.

Nairobi’s electrical power was hydro-electric originating at the Ruiru flumes, twenty miles from Nairobi. As long as the water flowed, the generators turned and produced electricity. And sometimes, something stopped up the water, as was illustrated in Jade del Cameron’s first adventure, Mark of the Lion, when a young hippo got stuck in the flume. But water flow wasn’t the problem in February 1920. Fire was. Well, and a lot of locust followed by hundreds of hungry storks.

According to Counselor Udal, the Manager of the Nairobi Electric Light and Power Company, the grass fires along the Ruiru area had essentially herded “locusts and beetles ad-lib” into the flume, trying to escape the blaze. And that, in turn, attracted cranes and storks. Udal explained to the reporter from The Leader that it takes approximately two years to “educate the birds” that the overhead electrical wires were dangerous. But the multitude of hungry birds that came to feast on the insects were unfamiliar with the problems of flying into and landing on all the wires. Consequently, the wires broke several times over the course of three days. And birds weren’t the only animals that caused such problems. The Nairobi museum housed a “petrified frog” who “had a liking for high tension apparatus.”

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