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Monday, April 20, 2009


NOTE: The cover or The Leopard’s Prey is now an online puzzle. Go to, scroll down, and click on “It’s A Mystery” (if you are reading this as an archived article and the puzzle title doesn’t show, then it has been archived. Go to the bottom of that page and click on puzzle 2221)My Morocco photo (Moroccan Fortress) is puzzle 2237.


St Jacobs Ltd. was purveyor to the Nairobi-ites in the early 1920’s, carrying the latest fashions as well as more practical materials. In May, 1920, they advertised the latest in Spring fashions for any of those women who dared to live in the colony despite Lady Northey’s comments (see last week’s blog post).

This season sported a range of fabrics including wool, crepe de chine, and silk. Elbow-lengthed sleeved jumpers in mauve, white, grey, and reseda (an olive green named after a Mediterranean plant) with contrasting stripes at the hem and the collar could be had for 50 rupees. A long-sleeved shirt blouse in pink, putty, sky, or biscuit was yours for a mere 27 rupees. And a long-sleeved “assam-shade” silk blouse could be had for a little over 19 rupees. Assam is a black tea so the color was one of dark tea.

Plenty of choices for the discerning Nairobi lady or settler’s wife who wanted to look her best and freshest at all the upcoming horse races. But Jade wonders just what is the difference between “putty” and “biscuit”?

Ad photo courtesy of The East African Standard May 07, 1920
NEXT WEEK: Nairobi Horse Races

NOTE: These blogs are meant to give some insight into the life and times of my fictional character, Jade del Cameron. Jade’s mystery adventures take place in post WWI Africa. To date they are: Mark of the Lion, Stalking Ivory, and The Serpent’s Daughter, all available in trade paperback.. The fourth book The Leopard’s Prey, IS available in hardcover. For more information, visit the website: and follow short updates on

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Blogger Erin in Morro Bay said...

Putty would be a darkish beige and biscuit more of a light sand colour. Funny to find out that even 89 years ago there were so many names for off-white!
Love the new book.

Mon Apr 20, 09:30:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Suzanne Arruda said...

Thanks, Erin, for clearing up what I always found confusing (off whites). So Putty would be more like really old biscuit? Ha. And thanks for the book comment, too.

Mon Apr 20, 09:50:00 AM CDT  

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