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Monday, May 18, 2009


Headmaster Wells took over as headmaster of Nairobi’s European School on June 22, 1920. On Monday, July 5th the school let out for a month’s holiday at the end of the three month term. On Thursday, July 8, student boarder Willie Hall was shot and died of a bullet wound. The shooter was another student boarder, Jack Kirwin. The two boys lived in different dormitories.

Headmaster Wells testified that the school had no written rule regarding students possessing firearms. One week prior to the shooting, he found out that Kirwin had a revolver. The boy was told that ammunition was not allowed.

Mr. G. G. Stansfield (whose position at the school was not given) had seen one of the students named Tarlton, with an air gun before, belonging to Tarlton. He felt there were no objections to a boy that age having an air gun as most of them were competent with firearms. But he felt it had no purpose on the school grounds. It seems that two boys were allowed firearms as there had been burglars entering the dorms at night.

Mr. Kirwin, Jack Kirwin’s father, said his son had asked for a revolver but was refused. He was told he could practice fire arms at home. But Jack Kirwin got one anyway. He purchased it from Tarlton who lived in the same dormitory as he, paying 10 rupees. A student claimed to have seen it under his pillow. Tarlton himself had a Remington repeater rifle that he got in trade for some other item. He kept this rifle behind his bed and had 50 rounds of ammunition which he’d purchased from Newland, Tarlton & Co. Kirwin, speaking of his revolver, said he remembered loading the revolver the morning of the incident but “did not know there was a cartridge in the chamber.”

It’s a classic line in shooting accidents.

The judge at the inquest decreed that the deceased met his death by “accidental discharge of a revolver fired by Kirwin.” Once again, the reader is left wondering. How did the gun go off? Did Kirwin think Hall was an intruder and shoot? Was the boy just showing off the weapon? These questions were never answered.

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