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Monday, July 27, 2009


1920 Nairobi had its problems: The city’s population was growing rapidly, more traffic prowled the streets, the streets weren’t in the best condition and were dusty in the dry season and quagmires in the wet, and there was a fuel shortage. What could be done to temper this situation?

The answer: An omnibus. Yes, 1920 Nairobi dabbled in mass transit to solve its problems much as we try to do today.

The city with the assistance of the Messrs. Englebrecht Brothers, started up the inter-urban bus service in July, 1920 with “two good vehicles.” This Omnibus ran between Nairobi and Nyeri, about 130 km as the bus crawled. A car left the New Stanley Hotel each Wednesday at 9 am “calling at Mr. Barnes’s Hotel, ‘Ye Olde Gables,’ Ruiru, The Blue Posts Hotel near Thika, Thika, Fort Hall, and finally at Nyeri. Intermediate stops could be made assuming they were not “unreasonably distant from the main road.” A similar conveyance left Nyeri each Monday at 9 am.

The Leader of July 17, 1920 ran a small article stating that the “new Nairobi bus service” was doing well “for a start off” and that Councillor Hamilton “was noticed jumping jauntily of(f) the tram service.” The buses, the article went on to say were “not above carrying and not beneath the dignity of all sorts and conditions of local residents,” which was as it should be “in a colony which should be democratic.” Whether the various sorts and conditions actually went beyond poorer settlers and into the Indian and Goan population and the African natives is not clear.

Whatever the case, it only cost a rupee to ride.

The images were taken from The Leader of British East Africa July 3, 1920.

NEXT WEEK: Nairobi Buses.

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