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Monday, September 28, 2009


Oral tradition plays a strong and vital part of life anywhere, but most especially among peoples with no written language. Stories are more than a way to pass the time at the close of day when the work is done. They teach traditions to the children, they cement relationships within a group, and they pass on life lessons.

When missionary Eva Stuart-Watt, worked with the Wachagga on Kilimanjaro’s lower slopes in the 1920’s, she documented some of their oral tradition in her book “Africa’s Dome of Mystery.” One of the most interesting is the Wachagga’s tale of “The Fall of Man.” She writes, “in some of their myths they have preserved faint reminiscences of the Bible record of the fall of man.”

According to the Wachagga, “God used to talk with man face to face. ‘You may eat all the bananas and potatoes’ He said to the old man of the village, ‘but the yam or ‘ula’ surely you shall not eat it, lest you die.’” God then left the village but he looked in on them from time-to-time. It seems that a stranger, a man, begged for food at the old man’s door one day. The old man sent him to the garden telling him to eat his fill but not to eat the ula (yam) as “God has forbidden us to eat it.”

Now the stranger said that the sun was high now and in that early morning, God had told him to ask for a pot to cook the ula and eat it with the old man and his sons. The old man was excited to learn that the stranger was a messenger from God, so he got a clay pot and they dug yams together, cooked them and ate. God smelled the cooked yams and asked “What are you eating?” They couldn’t answer for fear. The old man’s servant showed God the cook pot. God found the old man and the stranger in the garden and said. “’Because you were deceived by a stranger and disobeyed my word, death will break your bones and close your eyes, and you shall not live.’”

Since then, they have not seen God, nor has he talked with them.

The quoted text was taken from Africa’s Dome of Mystery, by Eva Stuart-Watt.

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