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Monday, October 05, 2009


The Wachagga people of Kilimanjaro call God, Ruwa and, in the old days before the first sin, Ruwa spoke to them. Later, Ruwa still sent them warnings and eventually destroyed the world He made. Among their oral traditions is that of the first murder.

The old man, who had spoken to God before eating the forbidden yams, had a son and two grandsons. Each grandson was given their own goats and each day the boys cut down branches from the forest for the goats to feed on. Now, the goats that belonged to the second born of the twins always gave birth to twins and so his herd grew rapidly. The goats of the first born twin only bore one kid at a time. As is to be expected, this disparity caused jealousy and hatred between the brothers, but their father would not interfere. And, as in the Cain and Abel story, fratricide was the result; the eldest brother murdering his more fortunate brother.

Here the story diverges from the Biblical Cain and Abel story. Ruwa did hear the cried of the slain brother and sent His servant to investigate. God’s servant did this and fined the murderer “seven head of cattle, seven goats, and a daughter. These were handed over to the victim’s father and the girl worked for his mother as long as she lived. So from that day to now, the price of blood has been seven cows, seven goats, and one child.”

The quoted text was taken from Africa’s Dome of Mystery, by Eva Stuart-Watt.

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