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Monday, November 23, 2009


While Hans Schomburgk was most likely the first person to make a fictional adventure motion picture in Africa, he was not the only person to film and document Africa in moving pictures. Arthur Radclyffe Dugmore was another one of the pioneers, documenting wildlife using the cinema. He offered advice for the would-be cameraman in his book, THE WONDERLAND OF BIG GAME (1925).

Having only used the Newman & Sinclair and the Debrie cinematic cameras, he declined to recommend a particular brand of camera although he did admit that he preferred the Newman & Sinclair for long-focus work. He recommended that, whatever camera one chose, to “avoid any that are too high. They are very difficult to use in a ‘blind’ and are less likely to be steady.” He advised that compact is better and that ease in changing lenses is important so as to not miss opportunities. This change should be “quick and silent.”

Practice was deemed important and Dugmore suggested filming cattle in a field using different lenses from different points to gain experience. “Give plenty of exposure, and do not be afraid of stopping down.”

Dugmore advised paying attention to the choice of tripod. “Be sure that it is absolutely rigid, that it tilts and ‘panorams’ easily, that it is quickly set up, and that it is strong enough to stand the hard usage.”

Finally, he advised that “great care must be taken of the exposed film, and the sooner it is developed the better will be the results.” Humidity, it seemed, was a bigger problem than heat and it the Kenya dry season, there was no deterioration of film even after a month or more.

All quotes are from A. R. Dugmore, Wonderland of Big Game, 1925.
Next week: Dugmore’s advice on hiding and filming.

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