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Monday, October 04, 2010

1921-22 – “CUSTOMS OF THE KIKUYU” –part 2


Several of Jade del Cameron’s mysteries feature her Kikuyu friend, Jelani, a youth who is training to be a tribal healer-or mundu mogo. In particular, in Treasure of the Golden Cheetah, he attempts to apply to protective ancestral spirits while on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Last week’s blog looked at an article on Kikuyu customs, written in the February 21, 1920 issue of The East African Standard. In particular, it discussed tribal rituals to gain Ngai’s (God’s) blessings and provide rain.

These rituals took place in a sacred grove, and were performed by “witch doctors,” the colonist’s term for the tribal spiritual leader and healer. According to the article, these witch doctors went around the villages collecting “cattle from the chiefs, goats from the men, and fowls from the women.” The cattle were kept as a sort of fee, the goats were set aside to sacrifice, and the fowl were consumed at the villages.

The author notes that the concept of a “scapegoat” runs through many religions, including the Kikuyu’s. In this instance the goat is taken to “the sacred grove…in their special area” and is killed. The “carcass being left hanging on a branch of one of the biggest and most central trees.” It is left there overnight and in the morning if it is gone, then the sacrifice was accepted.

Next week: When Ngai Accepts the Offering.

Quotes taken from The East African Standard, Febr. 21, 1920

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