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Monday, April 11, 2011

1920’s East Africa– “THE ELGON CAVES and SOLOMON'S MINES”

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For those new to East Africa as well as any old hands, there were always plenty of fascinating sights to see, and one of these were the Elgon Caves.

Located “up along the slopes of Mount Elgon, on the far away edge of the Trans Nzoia, and bordering on Uganda,” these “mystery caves” fascinated people. Sitting on Captain Gordon Hewitt’s farm, the caves have been explored by a few farmer-settlers but “nothing in the nature of a scientific investigation has ever been carried out.”

Reachable after a long car drive and “a tedious climb up an atrocious road,” they’ve drawn in many camera-wielding visitors. The largest cave is over a hundred yards deep and approximately eight feet high. And these caves weren’t empty by any means. “Embedded in the rock walls of the caves and plainly visible are huge bones of apparently antediluvian monsters, one cave showing plainly a complete set of vast ribs.”

Captain Hewitt said he would welcome anyone who could “enlighten him as to the mystery bones.”

And ancient beasties weren’t the only residents. “At one time the caves were regularly occupied by the local natives – a branch of the Masai tribe – but laterally, owing to an outbreak of rinderpest affecting their cattle.”

More caves farther up the mountain are “practically unexplored” but do show “the distinct marks of old world picks” …”indicating that at some time in history they had been worked for minerals, probably gold.” The article in The Leader of British East Africa, February 18, 1922 asks “Are they old King Soloman’s mines of mythical and Biblical history?”

If only a scientist would come and investigate.

Next week: More Nairobi fun.

(text and image taken from The Leader of British East Africa, April 29, 1922)

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